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A culinary tour of Italy

Mantua: Unknown treasure between waters


The life of a traveler is usually measured in kilometers. Ours, in experiences. In both cases, the longest journey is the pathway to knowledge. Discovering the origins of our customs, traditions and culture.

Discovering Valtellina


We are in Valtellina, a valley famous for the unspoiled beauty of Stelvio Natural Park, its numerous natural hot springs, and its impressive culinary tradition, and also for hosting the World Ski Championships and other famous international winter sport events!

The ritual of the Milanese Aperitif


We’re still in Milan, a city recognized by every Italian for its dynamic social life, its fashionable locales and leisure options that reflect the most cutting-edge trends in Europe, surrounded by historic sites that bear witness to the aristocratic roots of its ancestry.

Welcome to Milan!


Owing to its history and influence on Italy's socio-cultural landscape, it is considered one of Italy's most iconic cities. Welcome to Milan!

Flavors of Lombardy


Lombardy is located in the north, bordering with Switzerland, Piedmont, Veneto, Trentino-Alto to the north and Emilia-Romana to the south. One third of Italian exports are shipped from here.

Aosta Valley and Alpine Cuisine


We now wend our way into Italy’s smallest region: Aosta Valley. Located in the heart of the Alps, it borders with France, Switzerland and Piedmont.

Cúneo, World Capital of White Truffle


The journey continues to the southernmost province of Piedmont: Cúneo. Located in a prime location where six valleys converge, it borders with France to the west and Liguria to the south.

Asti - An Autumn of Food Festivals


Surrounded by the provinces of Turin, Alessandria and Cúneo, in the heart of Piedmont, the province of Asti is located in a privileged geographical enclave between the famous hills of Langhe, Monferrato and the Ligurian Apennines.

Alessandria - Tradition and Local Flavor


Alessandria, which borders with the regions of Lombardy, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna, boasts a unique Mediterranean climate more typical of southern Italy.

Turin: First capital of Italy


It is surprising to find such a highly industrialized and majestic city as Turin in a largely rural region as the Piedmont. The streets of this great city, which has been the hallmark of Italy's progress for centuries, are steeped in culture and history.

Piedmont - The Birth of Italy and the French Influence


Piedmont stretches across northwest Italy, between the mountains of the Aosta Valley, the Alps and the Apennines, hence its name, which means "at the foot of the mountains".

Vercelli: Rice and Frogs


Vercelli, one of the oldest provinces in Italy, lies in northeast Piedmont. The agricultural landscape features extensive lowlands between the Po and Valsesia valleys.

Imperia and Savona - Tale of Two Cities


The stunning landscape of Imperia and Savona appears before us. Imperia boasts the famous "Riviera dei Fiori", where flowers blanket the valleys and mountains in springtime

La Spezia – Traders


La Spezia means “spice” in Italian, so it’s not hard to imagine that the city owes its name to the huge quantities of spices that have been offloaded at its port since the Middle Ages.

Genoa, Gateway to the Sea


The city of Genoa was established a Roman port in the 4th century B.C. Its name means "gateway" in Latin. And the word "gateway" defines its history. Its doors are always open to new cultures, inhabitants, peoples, empires and conquests.