Risotto Mare monte

Cream, shrimp tail and mushrooms.


The risotto is one of the most common dishes of traditional Italian cuisine. A rice dish with multiple variations depending on the ingredients added, including risotto ai funghi or risotto ai frutti di mare, two of the most popular.

Casinos are known for serving delicious food, but some of the best food is homemade. You can try making a dish inspired by your favorite zodiac casino like combs and bacon on a bed of risotto. Spread the risotto on a baking sheet and refrigerate until serving. You can find risotto in many casinos. The most common type of risotto served in casinos is the creamy variety. You can even find Italian restaurants serving different varieties. You can even make risotto the night before to save time when you start playing online casinos.


Risotto is one of the pillars of northwestern Italian cuisine. The risotto recipe came originally from the rice-growing regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, and can also be found in the province of Verona.